Have A Look On Baby Shower Cookies

As the other food items baby shower cookies are also one of the most popular and taste item one should include in their party. There are thousand flavors of cookies but the host should be very selective in opting for cookies keeping in mind that these are to be served in baby shower. Some of the baby shower cookies mostly selected by the host are:

  • chocolate cookies,
  • sugar cookies,
  • oatmeal cookies etc.

These cookies are very easy to made and loved by the guest specially kids reminding most of the guest attending shower will be having children of their own. Some other cookies which can be included are peanut butter cookies, girl scout cookies and oreo cookies.


Some host use baby shower cookies as return gifts for their guest. This makes their baby shower more unique. Baby shower cookies are the best option which will help to add taste and appreciation to your party. Many people highly suggest cookies on their baby shower because it can save money and time.

Some Baby shower food ideas

If u desire to have a great baby shower, you should have the finest baby shower food ideas. The host should be very particular about the food items which are to be served to the guests. One can order the food items from the market or if one is having time they can also cook the food at home. Selection of the food items should be tasty and easy to eat. Some food items which can be included  are chips with dip, spinach dip or spinach artichoke dip, hummus with pita chips or toast rounds. Fruit platters, cheese platters and salad are easy to made and most of the guest will love your idea. Main course could include stuffed mushroom, eggs, chicken fingers, cocktail meatballs etc.

You can also include sandwiches and some sweets at the end of the meal. A proper baby shower food ideas will be liked by the guest and the host will be appreciated for their efforts. These ideas if executed in a planned way can give a tasty experience to your baby shower.